School Administrative Unit #9Speech Language Pathologist

School Administrative Unit #9

Speech Language Pathologist (CSD_411020701_052217)

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TitleSpeech Language Pathologist
Posting IDCSD_411020701_052217

POSITION:             Speech Language Pathologist


  1. Master’s degree required in Speech-Language Pathology
  2. New Hampshire licensure as a speech and language pathologist is required
  3. ASHA CCC certification is required
  4. Proven ability to communicate effectively oral and written; with all stakeholders (parents, students, staff and supervisors)

REPORTS TO:        Principal and Director of Special Services

SUPERVISES:        Speech language assistant(s)/service provider(s)

JOB GOAL:            The successful candidate will collaborate with clinicians, teachers and administrators throughout the district to support each and every students’ ability to access the general education setting. The candidate will have excellent communication skills, as well as clinical expertise, familiarity with the special education process, New Hampshire license to practice, and ASHA's Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCCs).


  1. Works cooperatively with school personnel to accomplish the goals and objectives of the local education agency.
  2. Coordinates speech-language services with student services provided by other school personnel.
  3. Maintains records of the speech-language program and prepares progress reports as required.
  4. Adheres to established rules, regulations, laws and appropriate ethical standards.
  5. Conducts speech and language screenings, evaluations, re-evaluations, additional testing, and assessments as required.
  6. Administers formal and informal (ongoing & curriculum-based) assessments.
  7. Obtains additional diagnostic information from appropriate persons and available records for speech-language purposes.
  8. Analyzes and interprets information to make recommendations regarding the need for speech-language services.
  9. Supervises up to two speech/language assistants (as appropriate).
  10. Collaborates/consults with classroom teachers in the management of speech-language disorders.
  11. Plans evidence-based interventions appropriate for individual students and groups of students.
  12. Manages the facilities, materials and equipment, including assistive technology, necessary to the delivery of services.
  13. Completes procedural documentation appropriately.
  14. Develops appropriate IEPs based on students’ strengths & needs.
  15. Manages time efficiently.
  16. Engages in continuing education and professional growth activities related to speech-language-hearing and education.
  17. Provides consultation to parents, teachers and other appropriate school personnel.



EVALUATION:      Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationConway School District

Applications Accepted

Start Date05/22/2017