School Administrative Unit #9Cashier / Helper - Part-time

School Administrative Unit #9

Cashier / Helper - Part-time (KHS_440360402_110117)

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TitleCashier / Helper - Part-time
Posting IDKHS_440360402_110117

Conway School District



POSITION:                 Cashier / Helper  (part-time)



REPORTS TO:            Food Service Director


JOB GOAL:               Assists the Cook and maintains both financial and student participation records daily.



  1. Cashiers during snack, breakfast and lunch periods.
  2. Prepares weekly meal rosters for breakfast and lunch.
  3. Handles pre-payments, cash, bank deposits, student counts and any other daily records needed. Ensures all deposit and financial information is accurate and transparent.
  4. Responsible for tracking state records of daily participation records and rations.
  5. Collaborates with Cook to prepare food according to meal plan and cycle menus.
  6. Maintains highest standard of safety and cleanliness in the kitchen at all times by following all established food safety protocols and procedures.
  7. Follows HACCP standard operating procedures to ensure temperature controls.  Assists in the proper temperature charting for hot/cold lines, refrigeration, and milk machines.
  8. Responsible for all food utensils, pots and any other related equipment for the preparation of food be maintained with the highest standard of sanitation.
  9. Collaborates with the cook to organize and inventory the freezers.
  10. Assists the cook in putting all food and supply deliveries away in their proper locations when received.
  11. Assists cook with inventory of all food and supplies, broken down by GOV and vendor.
  12. During clean up, ensures that all food is properly stored, wrapped, labeled refrigerated. All counters, carts and tables are cleaned and sanitized as per the Food Safety Manual.
  13. Confers with the Food Service Director as regards any supplies that are needed and any purchase requests for inventory restocking. This includes milk. Recommends and suggests and feedback regarding school menus from both faculty and students.
  14. Prepares documents using established protocols (i.e. Google drive) for purchase requests and waste logs.
  15. Ensures state production sheets are filled out at the end of the day. Daily records are kept up to date. Collects all required NSLP and SBP data for end of month reporting.
  16. Assists with the closing of the kitchen at the end of each day of operation.
  17. All other duties as requested or required by the Food Service Director.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: In accordance with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) contract.


WORK YEAR: 190 days / school year position


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the AFSCME contract.  The Food Service Director and/or administrative designee will be the evaluator.

Shift TypePart-Time
Salary RangePer Hour
LocationKennett High School

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/01/2017
End Date01/30/2018