School Administrative Unit #9KHS: Long Term Substitute Mathematics Teacher

School Administrative Unit #9

KHS: Long Term Substitute Mathematics Teacher (KHS_410320120_112817)

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TitleKHS: Long Term Substitute Mathematics Teacher
Posting IDKHS_410320120_112817


Kennett High School is seeking a Long Term Substitute Mathematics Teacher with an anticipated start date of January 16th, 2018 through May 7th, 2018. 


POSITION:     High School Long Term Substitute Mathematics Teacher



  1. NH teacher certification (7-12) in Math or proof of eligibility for NH certification
  2. Bachelor’s degree or higher
  3. Experience preferred but not required


REPORTS TO:            Building Principal


JOB GOAL:                 To provide all students with a quality educational program in                                               which they reach their full potential



  1. Plan and prepare instruction based upon District curriculum and student needs
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of all content areas and child development
  3. Provide instruction in Math following district curriculum, setting high and attainable outcomes
  4. Design and use assessment data to monitor progress of all students towards established standards, maintaining accurate records
  5. Create an environment of respect and rapport that establishes a culture of learning
  6. Manage classroom procedures and student behavior
  7. Communicate with students and their families
  8. Collaborate with other educators within the school and across the District
  9. Implement 504 and IEP accommodations and modifications
  10. Actively participate within the professional community, growing professionally, reflecting on teaching and demonstrating professionalism
  11. Follow District policies and procedures
  12. Complete other duties as assigned by the principal


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Long Term Substitute


ANTICIPATED START: January 16th, 2018 - May 7th, 2018



Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangeLong Term Substitute
LocationKennett High School

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/28/2017
End Date12/19/2017